Free Nation Ursicor – An Overview

The known world of Karthador is comprised of nine “free nations” who were once part of the Myratan Empire but now pursue their own destinies. Here’s a quick preview of one of those nations: Ursicor.

Ursicor is home to universities and forests, and is equally defined by both. It’s a land known for its scholars, philosophers, and artists – as well as its violent revolutionaries.

The nation balances on the brink of civil war. The queens who have ruled it for centuries are losing control, and the revolutionary rhetoric of their enemies is starting to take root in the hearts of the common people. Even with the support of their close ally, Myratas, the queens may not be able to hold back the tide of anarchy to come.

Ursicorans value intellectual and artistic pursuits, embracing those ideals that feed both the mind and the soul. They are a passionate people. Once they attach themselves to a person or idea, they remain firmly committed to it, no matter the price they must pay.

Ursicor is a feudal, matriarchal society ruled by six queens. The most powerful of these is High Queen Shura, who has no mercy or patience when it comes to those who defy her rule. She is dedicated to seeing the rebellion destroyed.

Ursicor has been an ally of Myratas since before the Empire was founded. It was the first nation to join the Empire—by choice; it was never conquered—and the last to accept its independence when the Empire collapsed. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship. Myratas provides the technology to keep the nobility of Ursicor in power, and Ursicor provides the raw materials to keep the technology flowing.