What is Karthador?

The world of Karthador is a pulp science-fiction planet of swashbuckling heroes, ancient mysteries, and science on the verge of magic. It’s a world where noble warriors ride dinosaurs into battle, swords in their hands and blaster pistols on their hips. Where crafty sky traders dodge air pirates and thread the needle of storm clouds in the name of profit. Where scholars sift through ancient ruins looking for bits of eldritch technology to complete their new inventions. And where kings and revolutionaries pore over maps, looking for high ground and choke points, hoping that their energy crystals hold out for one more battle.

Karthador is tabletop roleplaying campaign setting written by Darrell Hardy and published by Reality Blurs for use with the Savage Worlds RPG system.

The Known World

From the sweeping deserts of Sparasool to the gleaming towers of Myratas, from the lush jungles of Ferazonn to the devastated wastelands of Doongarda, Karthador is a land of beauty and danger. This land was once dominated by a continent-spanning Empire, but now the former Imperial provinces have established themselves as free nations, each with its own history, culture, and dreams of greatness.

Arcona: The hunters of this northern land stalk the snow in search of game, ever wary of predators, both natural and human.

Myratas: Formerly the center of the Myratan Empire, Myratas boasts the highest  technology of all Karthador.

Doongarda: This once-proud nation has been all but destroyed by mysterious invaders from across the sea.

Ferazonn: The savage jungles of Ferazonn hide ancient ruins and the secrets of lost technology.

Porothon: The main rival of Myratas, Porothon boasts a kingdom of modern factories defended by dinosaur-riding cavalry.

Rathiveen: Once a colony of Doongarda, Rathiveen is a strict theocracy that values cold steel and hard work over modern, fallible technology.

Sparasool: This desert nation is known for its nomads, ironglass, and vicious raiders.

Tharran: This isolated land of poets and plantations is as gray and gloomy as the people who live here.

Ursicor: The queens of Ursicor are cruel, but their land is full of dark beauty and artistic delights.

The two most influential nations are Myratas and Porothon. They are economic rivals from opposite sides of the continent, competing for access to both raw materials and markets to sell their goods. The other nations use this conflict to their advantage, playing one side against the other in order to secure the best deals for themselves. This is a dangerous game, however, as they may find their territories used as battlefields in proxy wars between the two powers.


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