Free Nation Rathiveen – An Overview

The known world of Karthador is comprised of nine “free nations” who were once part of the Myratan Empire but now pursue their own destinies. Here’s a quick preview of one of those nations: Rathiveen.

Once a colony of the now-devastated nation of Doongarda, Rathiveen is a relatively new country, only truly settled since the Empire fell. Its founders were religious dissidents who felt that Doongarda was too sinful a place to live and needed a land of their own. Rathiveen is a theocracy, ruled by the priests of Onu, who frown on the use of crystal machines and encourage their followers to be strong and self-reliant.

Rathiveeni are as generous as they are stubborn, for it is Onu’s law that those who have been blessed with much must share with those who have little. This philosophy, along with the resource-poor land and constant threat of mutants from Doongarda, has led to the people of Rathiveen being very close-knit and loyal to one another.

The rulers of the theocracy are priests, called Mornu. The High Mornu rules over all the land, speaking for Onu and ensuring peace and piety amongst the people.

In according with its philosophy of self-reliance, Rathiveen imports very little from outside nations. Its people make do with what farming, fishing, and iron-making the land will support. They do export, however, and their iron goods are found throughout Karthador.

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