Free Nation Porothon – An Overview

The known world of Karthador is comprised of nine “free nations” who were once part of the Myratan Empire but now pursue their own destinies. Here’s a quick preview of one of those nations: Porothon.

Porothon is a nation in transition. On the one hand, it’s a feudal society, divided into landed nobles and working-class commoners. On the other, it’s an increasingly industrialized land, filling the coffers of the merchant and manufacturing guilds with more money and power each year. It’s a nation where anyone, with enough hard work and ambition, can become great—but you can still be born to greatness as well.

Porothon is a manufacturing center. While it lacks the technological wizardry of its rival Myratas, it can produce goods quickly and efficiently, and those goods are sold all across Karthador. It’s also known for its megalizard ranches, Machinist chapterhouses, and industrial spies.

A king rules Porothon. But he is old, and his son handles most of the day-to-day business. Outside the capitol, local lords and ladies rule their fiefdoms as they see fit, so long as they remain loyal to the crown.

Porothon is the center of mass production in Karthador. Its assembly lines are always working, manufacturing whatever the rest of the world is demanding this season. Its airships cross the skyways, delivering manufactured goods and picking up more raw materials. As for crystal machines, the guilds prefer merchandise that can be reproduced efficiently in mass quantities; while the quality of Porothonian goods might not be as good as their counterparts from Myratas, more people can afford to buy them.

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