Free Nation Doongarda – An Overview

The known world of Karthador is comprised of nine “free nations” who were once part of the Myratan Empire but now pursue their own destinies. Here’s a quick preview of one of those nations: Doongarda.

Doongarda is a blasted wasteland covered in ruins, infested with monstrous mutants, and populated by scavengers and idealists.

It was once a peaceful land of farmers, miners, and fishermen. All that changed when the mysterious black ships arrived from across the sea. The ships disgorged invaders with weapons and technology the likes of which had never been seen before. Accompanied by their mutant war-beasts, the invaders devastated Doongarda. They marched on the rest of the continent, and would have conquered it had not the free nations banded together to drive them back across the sea.

The invaders are gone, but Doongarda has never recovered. Weird artifacts and hungry mutants still remain from the invasion. Its cities are in ruins. Most of its people have fled, though some have come back to re-settle the land and claim what was once theirs. Others have returned not as settlers, but as grave robbers, looters, and thieves. Every day in Doongarda is a fight for survival, and every night is a mutant-filled adventure.

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