Free Nation Arcona – An Overview

The known world of Karthador is comprised of nine “free nations” who were once part of the Myratan Empire but now pursue their own destinies. Here’s a quick preview of one of those nations: Arcona.

Arcona is a frozen land of ice and snow populated by hardy hunters, vicious raiders, and the remnants of what used to be an Imperial occupying force. While the true natives live in traditional villages designed to survive what cold and blizzards may come, the former Imperial colonies make their homes in heated, domed city-states. Arconan raider tribes eschew both villages and domes, but make their nomadic way through the ice lands on the backs of beasts, sledges, and vehicles cobbled together from ancient Imperial machines and survive by preying on others.

Arconans are tough, practical people. The only thing they value more highly than physical endurance is loyalty to one’s tribe. They are taciturn and cold to those they don’t know well, but unswervingly loyal once they have warmed to someone.

Arcona has no central government. A council of elders, who may in turn be led by a chief, rules each tribe. The city-states are ruled in the Myratan fashion, with a handful of wealthy families on top and the working masses below.

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